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The word Ecstatic invites one to envision a world of boundless joy and exhilaration. With its vibrant energy and positive connotations, this eight-letter, one-word domain ignites a sense of euphoria and excitement. Ecstatic encapsulates the essence of moments of pure bliss, evoking hearts brimming with delight. Ideal for startups in the entertainment, events, or wellness industries, this domain holds the potential to establish a powerful online presence. Its brevity adds to its allure, making it easy to remember, pronounce, and type, ensuring maximum impact and visibility in the digital realm.

To purchase Ecstatic, please contact Michael or by phone at (970) 393-3387.

Why a dot-com matters more than ever

by Greg Isenberg, Dec. 2023 Why a dot-com matters more than ever

I ran a little experiment that I want to tell you about...

I used to think buying a premium dotcom domains were a waste of cash.

I’d hear stories of people spending $500k on a dotcom domain and would silently laugh to myself.

If only you spent that money on paid ads, viral videos etc. That 500k might be 100k customers!

You're just lighting the cash on fire for ego.

But I was wrong... I recently started actually acquiring some dope domains.

So, I ran an experiment.

What if I took the same product and slapped on a new premium dotcom domain. A dot co for a dot com.

And I started seeing the conversion rates jump 2-3x.

Same EXACT product, just a new domain, more customers.

Pretty wild. But the dotcom adds trust and organic search.

My realization is premium domains can be totally worth it.

I'm starting to think about only starting companies that have premium domains...

Brand matters more than ever.

For Ultimate Brand Protection

We’ve gone to great lengths to secure other TLD-related domains around this primary domain in order to ascertain the complete protection of your brand.

Included in the sale is following as well:








  • Over 12 alternate spellings (such as


  • Over 20 alternate domain TLDs (including,, and

To purchase Ecstatic, please contact Michael or by phone at (970) 393-3387.